Black Hikifurisode - chastity in Love 2019/01/16

We all know that there are three types of wedding kimonos. Most people like to choose white or non-staining colors, and the slewing sleeves (also known as the local oscillator sleeves) are the last time women wear the sleeves, and the wedding style. The vibrating sleeves are about 10 cm longer than the adult ones.

Moreover, the color of the oscillating sleeve is the most advanced, and the representative of the person can not be dyed into other colors, which means the firmness of love and the meaning of chastity (in fact, it means the same as white).

Let’s enjoy a few nice black sleeving sleeves.

Have you found that the red color that represents the celebration is placed on the inside of the kimono!

The bow behind it is the point! ! White without scale and color hanging is covered!


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