Time travel to past - Japanese Royal pre-wedding 2019/01/07

The magnificent kimono – jūnihitoe (12-layered ceremonial kimono)

This May a new Emperor is coming in Japan, you will see the 12-layered ceremonial kimono of royal of Japan. The layers of clothing may be known by separate names, such as hitoe (unlined robe), itsutsuginu (五衣) which is a series of robes (usually 5 and of different colours),[3] a short coat karaginu (唐衣), and mo (裳).  It is very heavy around 20kg because the royal person donʻt need to walk a lot. 

There are two styles of suberakashi which is whole hair is up and one is down. 

The color one-layered by one like art and you can take a fan which is named suehiro for getting marriage.

The back side is very long because it is prestigious. 

In the Nijo castle it is beautiful spot of Ginkgo in autumn. 

Would you want to keep a memorial of prewedding in the world heritage Nijo castle. Welcome to contact us. 

If you want to see more picture please click here.→https://overseas-wedding.jp/report/report-3853/


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