The charm of Shrine wedding 2019/01/04

Today we would like to share the shrine wedding which is Japanese traditional wedding. 

This is also one of way to understand and experience Japanese culture. There are many factors in the ceremony which is celebrated and wish for bride and groom and family.

*Wear the Japanese traditional cloth -Kimono




We have the impression that wear white Japanese wedding Kimono and high white hat but there are many brides like colorful Japanese wedding Kimono with western hair style recently. It is a different beauty.


It is the last chance to wear hikifurisode before marriage.

The highest grade of color, Irouchikake is to red  what Hikifurisode is to black.

The beauty of Kimono that you have see by yourself and the pattern and design there are many meaning.  衣服上的图案可以说是和服最重要的设计与意义,和服之美真的要亲眼看过才知道啊!



*Shinto wedding

You will be leaded by shrine person walk into the ceremony place. 

Exchange cups of sake at the wedding

Bride and groom will exchange threes different cups of sake, totally three times. 

Japanese vow of wedding ceremony

You don’t need to worry that if you cannot speak Japanese because we will prepare the Pinyin and practice with you. 

A spring of the scared tree 

It is connecting the god and people. 

Blessing ceremony 

The finally of ceremony, it will have a blessing by shrine staff to pray for bride and groom and family.

We have an interpreter to accompany with you that you don’t need to worry that if you cannot understand the Japanese.

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