『Wedding cake』 the symbol of Fortune and Happiness 2018/12/19

Why you need the wedding cake on the wedding reception? Do you know what the meaning behind the wedding cake? 

This is from the Roman Empire. There was no cake but instead the bread which was used to spread the bread on the bride’s head. The crumbs means lucky. Another side, “wheat” is a symbol of fertility and it is also a symbol of happiness. Later, it became into a cake, and then the cake was more than one layer, and the cake-cutting ceremony became one of the necessary processes at the wedding reception. 

There are the ceremony of cutting the wedding cake and first bite two steps. 

1. The groom and bride need to cut the cake together at first. 

you just need to cut the bottom of cake and once. 

2. First bite 

Groom feed the bride that is mean that don’t make you hungry in the future and bride feed the groom that is mean will prepare delicious dishes for you. 

Now we have launched a sweet wedding cake celebration plan, after the wedding ceremony followed by a cake celebration ceremony, and can also enjoy sweet and happy taste with family and friends.

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