The funniest city - Osaka 2018/12/17

Osaka is the gateway to the Kansai area. Every tourist come to visit Japan arrived to Kansai Airport. Osaka is the first stop is going to visit Kansai. Therefore, many people will stay in Osaka and travel to nearby cities. Osaka there are not only food but also a lot fun and shopping!! 

Our Osaka St. Bath Church is very convenient and it is located near to Shinsaibashi. If you want to make a plan of wedding and family trip, Osaka St. Bath Church is easily accessible and recommended for couple who want to get married in Japan!

Wedding photo location after the wedding ceremony, we recommend the locations which is be selected during the cherry blossom season:

*Osaka Castle Park

It is really crowds in the Osaka Castle Park during the cherry blossom season. Because here is one of popular place of the cherry blossoms in Osaka. If you think of this, we suggest you take photo shooting on the weekday morning.

* Tsurumi-ryokuch

It can be said that it is the back garden in Osaka. It used to be a flower garden. In addition to the gardens of different countries, there are flowers all year round, and there are cherry blossoms in spring, because the area is large and tourists are compared. If you want to take a photo of Meimei, you can choose to come here.

Daisen Park (this location needs to be extra charged by 20,000 yen)
It takes about 30-40 minutes drive from the church. There is Japanese gardens. Spring cherry blossoms are in the park. Every cherry blossom season, there are many people coming to this picnic to enjoy flowers.

Now it is available booking for the cherry blossoms in 2019 (Start from mid of March until first of April ). It is limit and welcome to contact us! 


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