Romantic city Kobe 2018/12/14

Cherry blossoms/ night scenes/ exotic city – Kobe

When it is during the cherry blossom period, cherry blossoms were floating all over around the Japan! I want to introduce you the different feelings of exotic Japanese, and sincerely promote “Kobe”. However, in this exotic city, you can hold the wedding ceremony in here , and then to wear a kimono or a wedding dress to the secret spot of cherry tree to photo shooting. It is definitely an unforgettable memory for you! 

Wedding dress of photo shooting in the Kobe St. Morgan church, on-church production!


Famous Japanese garden spot in Kobe.

Kitano Ijinkan

Even in the elegant place of Kitano Ijinkan and wearing a kimono to take photo it is no problem.

In fact, it is really beautiful when the cherry blossoms in Kobe! !

Kobe – “Ujikawa Park”

This is not the Uji River in Kyoto. It is a lot of cherry trees along the river. It is really beautiful when the sakura is full.

Shukugawa (this is far from church extra charge 20000yen)

It takes about 30 minutes by car from the church to reach Shukugawa. You can find different scenery in half an hour. This cherry blossom has come to the Yeh Sakura period (indicating that it is long green leaves), full of cherry blossoms and kimonos, beautiful and amazing!

Now it is available booking for the cherry blossoms in 2019 (Start from mid of March until first of April ). It is limit and welcome to contact us! 


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