Overseas wedding! Let's go to Kansai Japan! 2018/12/10

Overseas weddings have become popular in recent years. The biggest advantage is that not only weddings and trips (shopping! opps) you can say that three wishes are achieved at one time. Especially the couple who don’t want to hold two hundreds people weddings, come to the warm two-person ceremony or travel with friends and family, the Kansai area of Japan it is a great choice. 

1. Convenient transportation

Kansai Airport has flights with many countries around the world. Besides nearby cities have convenient transportation, which is much simpler than Tokyo.

2. There are many famous spots around here!

Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, and Nara are all well-known city in Japan, and there are endless visitors all year.

3. Shopping paradise

In Kansai, all kinds of things you need can be bought here. Shopping and shopping!

4. Food Paradise

Japanese cuisine, a wide variety of food can be eaten here. 

5. variety scenery in four seasons

The scenery of spring, summer, autumn and winter which is especially the city of Kyoto. Spring cherry blossoms, summer green leaves, autumn maple leaves, and winter view all you can be seen here.

6. Church wedding V.S Shrine wedding V.S Wedding of World Heritage

There are many church shrines in Kyoto. Osaka and Kobe, and there are many shrine temples in Kyoto.  Besides Kyoto it is a world heritage city. It can provide ceremony in front of god or people. Western or Japanese style can be provided according to you. 

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