Fashion trend of wedding dresses with sleeves 2018/12/06

There is a trend in the wedding industry, wedding dresses with sleeves, in recent years. The elegant retro long-sleeved wedding dress after the royal wedding, and now variety of wedding dressesa is available now. Mostly it is designed by lace, not only visually adding features, but also modifying the arm and creating an elegant and charming temperament.

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1. Long sleeves:

Long sleeves of intellectual beauty, it is suited for bride who is got real class. Especially the wedding date in the autumn and winter season, the dignified and feminine long-sleeved wedding dress is also an excellent choice.

2. Half sleeves&three-quarter-length

Half sleeve style will feel more playful and show personality, and the three-quarter sleeve style will reveal a slender arm, and now there will be a wedding dress with a half shoulder and cuff change too.

3. Short sleeves

If you are worried your arm when you wear the bare shoulder, and choose a short-sleeved wedding dress it will be a good choice, the sleeve can cover the thick part of the arm slightly, and make you look thinness and also feel traditional beauty.

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