Autumn and Winter of the wedding 2018/10/31

Autumn wedding

Autumn is the harvest season, and the golden yellow bring infinite warmth and satisfaction. Decorate with red leaves to make your wedding full of autumn flavors.

Autumn is the same as spring, the temperature is suitable, and the red leaves are very suitable for wearing a kimono to shooting location And holding a wedding ceremony.

On November 22nd, it was Japan’s “Good Couple Day”, which symbolizes the perfect relationship between husband and wife and family harmony.

In this way, the fall is the peak season for holding a wedding in Japan during the year. At that time, many venues will prepare different plans for the peak season.

if you are interested or any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Winter wedding

Winter is a snowy season, with candles to decorate the warmth, bringing a fairytale dream wedding.

Use of warm and cold tones will bring unexpected results to your wedding.

Decorated with a piece of snowflake,achieve beautiful romantic love in the pure snow world.

At the same time, winter is also the season of the holiday, Christmas trees,hats and balls, etc.

using different Christmas elements to create a creative wedding style!

The introduction of the four seasons and the wedding style is over. 

Japan has four distinct seasons, and it pays great attention to the sense of the season. The wedding industry will also launch different plans with different seasons. Please feel free to consult. TAGAYA will provide you with the most intimate service to create a perfect wedding atmosphere!


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