Spring and Summer of the wedding 2018/11/12

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of each season. And have different wedding feelings in different seasons.

Here, I will introduce you to the point of different seasons when you are doing a wedding in Japan. For friends who have prepared for marriage, please refer to it~

Spring wedding

In the spring, you can make the most of nature’s colors to create a fresh wedding. Pink, goose yellow, and pink with cherry blossoms are also good choices.

The weather is good in spring and everyone can wear their favorite dress.

However, because the cherry blossom season is deeply loved by everyone, so visitors to Japan may be more than usual, and marriage in the cherry blossom season is also a choice for many Japanese couples.

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Next is the summer wedding.

Summer, this season has a lot of colors can let you choose, crisp bright colors can reflect the passionate, fresh and elegant blue and green are also a new choice.

June-July is the rainy season in Japan, so the indoors will be a very good choice compared to the outdoor wedding ceremony!

Many wedding venues will launched special summer promotion programs.

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After the rainy season, it officially entered the summer. Enjoy the sun and the beach to create a passionate wedding.

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