Japanese Wedding Tea Ceremony 2018/10/26

When it comes to wedding ceremony, in addition to the familiar Western-style church medding, and the Shinto wedding ceremony, there is also a wedding form that incorporates the traditional『 Japanese Wedding Tea Ceremony』

Since the beginning of the Song Dynasty in China, tea has been regarded as a “one-stop” marriage token. After the tea seeds are planted, they cannot be transplanted. The transplanted tea trees cannot survive. Using tea as a wedding medium is the hope that the two can be from one to the end.

The Japanese tea ceremony is based on the words “harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility”, which means that the host and the guest live in harmony and respect each other.

In addition to “and respect for silence”, there is also the concept of “one session, one meeting”. That is to say, no matter the host and the guest, even the same person, even in the same place, will not have the same thing at this moment. Every time a tea party is unique in a person’s life, it is necessary to be sincere and sincere.

The tea-style marriage combines the spirit of traditional tea ceremony, and chooses a Japanese garden and a tea room at the venue. Clothing is mainly kimono.

Tea ceremony culture is one of the favorite cultural forms of the Japanese, but Wedding Tea Ceremony as a new form is not yet common. 

In the Wedding Tea Ceremony style, the place where tea wedding can be held is concentrated in Kyoto, and Nijo Castle is one of this.

The tea wedding ceremony held in the World Heritage Site Nijo Castle kokumotei is a new form we have launched exclusively.
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