" Jidai Matsuri" one of festivals you must to see in Kyoto 2018/10/12

The Jidai Matsuri is one of famous festivals in Kyoto.

Traveling to Japan, you are not only enjoying the scenery but try Japanese traditional culture that is must to do in here. Jidai matsuri, which means “Festival of the Ages”, it was first held in 1895, as a response to the relocation of the capital from Kyoto to Tokyo. 


It is held on 22. October in Kyoto every year. 

The parade route: Kamikyoku  Imperial Palace ~ Nakakyoku District City Hall before the Sakyoku District Heian Jingu Shrine.

The entire route of the parade stretches about five kilometers.

The procession departs from the Imperial Palace, along Oike Street and Sanjo Street, and finally terminates at Heian Shrine

In a short time, we will be able to appreciate the changes in history and culture over the past thousand years and the evolution of clothing in all ages in Japan.

This is not only a costume parade, but also a real experience of Kyoto’s history and folk traditions.

The other two famous festivals are named the Aoi Matsuri , held on May 15,

and the Gion Matsuri , which is held from 17 to July 24 every year.

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