Floating, Resonating Spheres – Shimogamo Shrine 2018/08/17

Kyoto’s friends! Look here! Ever year the light up in Shimogamo Shrine. This time is art by Teamlab. 

The forest of Shimogamo shrine is located beteween Kamogawa River and Takano-gawa River. This place is considered as energy accumulation. 

When you thought the forest and feel the phytoncide and entry of the shrine the light and ball is accompany with you. Then the music is also join the show that you can enjoy the light and music and natural. 

 Floating, Resonating Spheres – Shimogamo Shrine Art by teamLab
Date: 2018/8/17(Fri)~9/2(Sun)
address: Shimogamo shrine  tadanomori
Time: 18:30~22:00(Last entry 21:30)
Fee: Weekday 1,000yen Weekend 1,200yen   ※ Free under elementary students



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