Choose your perfect wedding hair of Kimono 2018/07/04

After wearing the Kimono, you must be worry about the hair style and make up. Today we are introduce some hair style of Kimono for you reference. You may find there is more and more western hair style to use with Kimono but if you love Japanese culture a lot that you maybe want try the traditional hair one time.  

1. Bunkin Takashimada

This is the classic Japanese hair style and also the formal hair style. But it is very heavy and take a lot of time. Recently it is less people to choose this hair style. 

2. Okiwata

Normally it is used for the headdress of shiromuku. It is theBunkin Takashimada and wear the cotton cap outside. 

3. Tsunokakushi

This is a hood worn by brides as part. It is a wig hat type bride’s hood and you can wear with Irouchikake or Hikifurisode too.

4. Western Hair 

More and more people chooce the western hair sytle with Kimono. Because it will not take a lot of time to change hair if you change to wedding dress. 

5. New Japanese Coiffure

New Japanese coiffure that you don’t need to wear wig hat and use your real hair. Mage is the most representative part for Japanese coiffure. But the biggest different is that New Japanese coiffure is more softy and easy to change hair style. 


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