Ichiran, Hakata's Most Famous Ramen 2015/02/17

Ichiran, The Most Distinguished Hakata Ramen Brand

Ramen is one of Japan’s favorite delicacies, but do you know that there are many different types available? Most regions have their own variety of local ramen, with their own distinct soup base, handmade noodles and toppings. The most famous among all is the Hakata ramen, hailing from Fukuoka prefecture. It’s instantly recognizable with white tonkotsu (pork bone) broth and thin, firm-textured noodles.


No Distractions From The Relish Of Your Ramen

In Japan, ramen is often considered a man’s cuisine. Female customers seen at ramen restaurants are usually with their partners or families, and rarely alone. However, at Ichiran, dining counters with partitions allow customers to enjoy their ramen without worrying about how others view them. Women also often come to Ichiran to dine alone with ease.

You can also customize your own ramen at Ichiran, by adding extra toppings or noodles (the additional noodles is known as ‘kaedama’). Any additional orders can be placed by writing on a order sheet provided by the restaurant and passing the paper to a staff. The menu sheet is available also in English, Mandarin and Korean.

Additionally, if you’re going to Ichiran in a group, you can fold the partition on the table between you and your friends, so you can still dine and chat together! However, do bear in mind that in Japanese culture, it is impolite to talk loudly in a dining establishment, so keep your volumes down while enjoying the great ramen that Ichiran has to offer!


How To Order Your Very Own Ramen At Ichiran

  1. First, buy a ticket at the ticket machine located at the store’s entrance. If you have already decided on your choice of toppings, you may place your orders at this point of time too. If not, you can always add on more toppings later.
  2. Next, choose your seat(s). There will be a board showing the restaurant’s seating plan, so you can choose a seat you like, or you may also leave it to the staff to show you to a seat.
  3. Once you’re seated, write your ramen customization choices on an order sheet. These are the things you can choose for your ramen:
  • Flavor strength
  • Oiliness level
  • Amount of garlic
  • Types of onion (white, green, both or none)
  • Whether or not you want to include char siew (barbequed pork slice)
  • Level of spiciness
  • Amount of noodles

After filling in your order sheet, pass it to the wait staff and simply wait for your ramen to come!

By the way, I really like spiciness in my food so I ordered a spiciness level 5, and it turned out to be fiercely hot! Lesson learnt: never underestimate Ichiran’s spicy levels!


Tourist-Friendly Environment

There are English translations on the ticket machine, and as mentioned above, order sheets are also available in English, Mandarin and Korean.

Not all wait staff speaks a second language other than Japanese, but with multilingual signs everywhere, navigating this unique ordering system is not a problem! And Ichiran is open 24 hours, which means you can enjoy a good bowl of ramen anytime you want!


Business hours: 24 hours
Opens all year round



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