Cherry Blossom Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot At Kamogawa 2015/02/26

Japan, the land of cherry blossoms. If you are scheduling your photo shoot in end-March or the beginning of April, why not take a shot (pun not intended) at cherry blossoms? The blooming season usually means cherry blossom areas are filled with crowds of visitors and tourists, but you will still get plentiful of beautiful photos like this couple!


Cherry blossom bloom all around Kamogawa, Kyoto’s most famous river.


Have a romantic shot under a cherry blossom tree!


Let cherry blossoms and kimonos be part of your unforgettable moments!

Photos taken in Kamogawa

*Kyoto’s peak seasons are around end-March to beginning of April, and October to November. There will be a lot of tourists during these periods and hotel reservations will become difficult, so we strongly recommend that you book with us early to avoid disappointment.


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